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"Hoy como ayer"


Twilight, fishnet stockings, stilettos, Borsalino's, ... Grief you can dance upon. Passion from a big city...
As many words and as many clichés associated with the tradition of the Argentine tango. Despite these clichés the tango knew and knows a constant renewal. The Orquesta Típica Tango 02 allows the listener therefore to discover both the deep rhythms of the legendary D'Arienzo, Di Sarli as the more modern works of Astor Piazzolla. The orchestra learned it directly from the late Alfredo Marcucci who as a young man starred with Di Sarli in the 50s. Not only this, Tango 02 furthermore expands this repertoire with new compositions and arrangements of its own and from the region of the Rio de Plata. Both music of yesterday and today, but also the music of today with strong reference to yesterday: "Hoy como ayer." Music that tickles in the legs!

This show is available in the following formations:

  • Bandoneon, piano, doublebass - Dossier in PDF-format
  • Bandoneon, piano, guitar, doublebass, flute, violin - Dossier in PDF-format

Both versions offer a number of tunes to which dance demonstrations can be performed by professional tango dance couples.