The Orquesta Típica Tango 02 has since 1996 built up a solid repertoire of traditional and contemporary tango music. Throughout those 25 years, Tango 02 has supplemented this with its own new dance and concert compositions resulting in this first album, completely in line with the character of tango music from the Rio de la Plata: urban popular dance music with often a touch of self-mockery.

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Why? Therefore! Or in Spanish: Por eso.

Or also: just like that, because the inspiration and energy was there and Tango 02 wants to share the music that arises from that.  Catherine Smet, pianist with Tango 02 for many years, and Pato Lorente sign for these exciting tunes.

The album is published and distributed by the Dutch label I-C-U-B4-T.

It is as of now available at and you can listen the album on Spotify.

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Track List and Some Audio Fragments

Title Composer Genre Duration
1. Regreso Pato Lorente Tango 03:37
2. Coronga > Pato Lorente Milonga Ciudadana 03:06
3. Onda Norteña Catherine Smet Tango Jazz 05:08
4. Progreso Pato Lorente Tango Nuevo 04:03
5. Ilusiones > Catherine Smet Milonga Campera 03:46
6. Sin Zero Pato Lorente Tango 03:25
7. Bajo la Autopista Pato Lorente Tango Nuevo 04:02
8. Brisas > Catherine Smet Vals Jazz 06:31
9. Trucovida > Pato Lorente Tango Nuevo 04:38
10. Las Olvidadas Catherine Smet Milonga Campera 05:34
11. Luz Milonguera > Pato Lorente Milonga Ciudadana 03:06
12. Por Eso > Pato Lorente Tango Nuevo 03:57
13. Mi Jardin Catherine Smet Tango Jazz 04:41
14. Romance de Estación > Pato Lorente Tango Phantasy 05:53
    Total duration 61:27

"Por Eso" Concerts 2023

Date Venue Tickets
24 Oct 2023 Handelsbeurs Gent
Kouter 29
B-9000 Gent
30€ pre-sale / 35€ cashier
Get your tickets here
27 Oct 2023 CC Ter Dilft, Bornem
Sint-Amandsesteenweg 41-43
B-2880 Bornem
30€ pre-sale / 35€ cashier
Get your tickets here

Release Concert

The release concert of the "Por Eso" album will take place in Studio 1 of the Flagey centre in Brussels on Sunday November 13th, 2022 at 5pm.  Let yourself be carried away by this new album with live tango dance choreographies especially created by Cristina Cortés and Cristian Taffarello in an unforgettable total experience full of Argentine passion and order your tickets here.

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Flagey Concert