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"Rueda Libre"


Swinging between Jazz and Tango ...

Rueda Libre is a concert proposing a repertoire of new original compositions by Catherine Smet, Eduardo Lettera and others containing a huge imaginary richness in which, such as in a movie, each tune evokes a new universe filled with poetry and emotion. The music is rooted in both realms of jazz and Argentine tango.
The name "Rueda Libre" refers to the English term "freewheel" indicating creative freedom. Neither jazz nor tango plays a dominant role during the concert, each musician feeds the music with own interpretations and improvisations.

The "Rueda Libre" concert is conceived for a non-dancing listening audience, though a number of tunes can go along with a professional tango couple dancing in demonstration. This concert is available in the following formation:

Some highlights of the programme:

More videos of this concert are found on the

References are found on the Rueda Libre Facebook Page.